When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


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There's a reason aramaic and latin are dead languages; because they are HARD TO LEARN. I am just sick of people throwing out latin phrases to show their intellectual superiority and time served in higher education. Yeah, but can you fuckheads set your VCR or burn a CD or get your electro-mail off the Inter-web without asking someone under the age of 30?

Guess who they will call when their printer doesn't work anymore! Me! Hah! You are the reason I will be gainfully employed very shortly.

I cleaned my desk. Took a photo. Don't know why. Brain overload from snooty latin users and studying for a (very expensive) test on tuesday. Trying to use highlighter on everything. Bad study habits strike back, BLAST! If I had only taken Study Habits 102 along with Advanced Highlighting 203 at a community college I could snootily highlight the newspaper and grocery store receipts!


Weep before the awesome output of our digit-all camera. See, you *can* get the images out of it!