When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Life Lessons

Ever notice that static on a TV isn't static but is actually a constantly shifting pattern of light/dark dots?

Ever notice that when you are in a hurry the traffic around you isn't? And when you are not, you get every green light and can make left-hand turns across the opposite lane at any time you want?

Ever notice that when you need a pen you never have one, there isn't one in the glove box, center console, under the seat? And when you don't need a pen you have at least 3 of them sitting within arm's reach and they actually get in your way (falling into the keyboard, off the desk onto the floor, in the cup holder)?

Ever notice that grace periods for making a payment or taking back a rented movie never apply to you when you actually need them? And no one ever gives credit pay paying/returning anything early yet they charge through the nose for late payments? Wouldn't a credit-for-early system eventually balance itself out with pay-more-for-late if implemented?

Ever notice that the web site you absolutely must connect to via the Internet never loads yet everything else works (including pop-up ads or SPAM mailings)?

Ever notice that every gas station has low low prices when your tank is full, and are insanely high right when you really need to fill up? And after you fill up you find an incredibly good price right down the road?

Don't you just hate that!