When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Let's Annex Canada

Frankly, Canada is worthless. There is hardly anyone up there! And what little population there is, is concentrated along our border already. Their culture meshes much better with Europe's instead of ours (despite their intense desire to have everything we have except for lower taxes and uncensored TV).

So why not just declare one day that Canada is now part of the US and all Canadian citizens have 60 days to either take an oath the USA or go to Europe. I hear Europe is running low on Anglo's what with the birth-rate dropping below even sustainability levels and the Muslim/Arab population exploding (hey we have been dealing with that from Mexico for decades, welcome to the club).

What would anyone be able to do? Canada has virtually no military, and what little they have is under trained and has outdated/flimsy equipment. If it weren't for us and our War on Terror they'd never get to deploy anywhere. The UN? Puh-lease, they are too busy burning records from the Iraq Oil-for-Bribes err Food program to intervene. And even if they did, they could only send in a few hundred "Blue Helments" to verify that the Canadians are allowed to leave the country in an orderly fashion. We own the world right now.

Heck, we might as well kick the UN out of OUR country while we are at it. They keep bitching about how their headquarters is falling apart — I think we can expedite the process with some help from the local demolition union. Maybe like the Mayor of Chicago bulldozed an airport in the middle of the night to grab the land for whatever reason, what happened to him? NOTHING! (Of course if he were a Republican all hell would have broken out).

What do you say? ANNEX CANADA TODAY!