When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


It's my blog, I will post if I want to

I just saw some photos of Star Wars Episode III (sixth movie, don't ask) of Anakin and all I can say is: You been Punk'd!

WTF? Who is doing hair on this joint, Ashton Kutcher?

And frankly the dialog is incredibly cheesy, get over it. It was cheesy nearly 30 years ago and adding Jar-Jar Ebonics didn't ruin anything, it was already bad.

All I want to know is will they show Anakin become Darth Vader, the guy in the black suit and the asthma? Maybe they will do something like the beginning of The Six Million Dollar Man where they show him being "put together" and then maybe Darth Vader will step out and be all deep-breathy and such. That would be pretty cool.

Okay, in Episode 1 (fourth movie, don't ask) I just saw the ET representatives. If you have the DVD go to the part where the "Queen" calls for a vote of no confidence in that first Chancellor guy, and then look at the bottom left corner of the screen. In the round pod thing on the bottom of the screen you will see a bunch of ETs waving their arms. Goddamn crazy movie people.