When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Gotta Love Liberals (Not!)

Some woman on TechTV's Call for Help this morning (right as I type this) is on the phone whining about how tech support jobs are being outsourced to India.

This lovely "senior citizen" Liberal (she lives in Oregon, odds are pretty good she's a liberal), who are first to trumpet the diversity mantra and how we must put every culture up on a pedastal, is totally dogging the hardworking Indians trying to dig themselves out of their squalid society. This woman actually said she wants to give jobs to Americans who are "more desperate for jobs" than people living in third-world conditions. She caught herself when she said "more desperate" and changed it to "desperate" only, but she did say it so don't flame me.

Yes friends, Americans (the most prosperous country on earth) are more desperate for jobs than people who have to drive filth-clogged streets, swerving around beggars and street children, to earn $5 for a 12-hour shift in a building that has its own generator because the power grid is unreliable.

She then states that she doesn't want to pay more for a dialup ISP! She is currently using a Walmart-branded dialup ISP because it's cheapest (because it is outsourcing tech support to India, which is wrong, but to do otherwise would raise her costs so it's bad...).

Ah, the sweet hypocrisy of Liberals! Other cultures are as valid and deserving as ours, unless they are doing shit jobs that most people don't want to do here or cost too much to do here (paying someone $10-15/hour or more for telling people to reboot Windows all day?). She demands her cheap ISP? Fine, live with the consequences of your capitalist beliefs and shut the fuck up.