When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



Okay that is horribly non-grammatical and all, but then why bother dealing with what is true and correct when you have the Liberal media (in the form of the Associated Press) with gems like this:

Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The White House, facing election-year questions about President Bush's military service, is releasing pay records and other information intended to support his assertion that he fulfilled his duty as a member of the Air National Guard (search) during the Vietnam war.

Emphasis added.

This issue has been simmering since Bush began running for public office and has never stopped, so the AP's asserion that this is only an election-year issue is fatuous (yes I know that word, assholes).

The facts are that Bush joined a National Guard fighter wing that was deployed in the Vietnam war at the time he joined. Bush was honorably discharged after completing his service which was modestly interrupted by his public office aspirations. At that time if he had not completed his time in the National Guard the records would be immediately available to prove this point, unlike more than 30 years later in an ongoing smear-campaign against Bush running for public office.

The divisive claims are actually made by the party who repeatedly claims to be not dividing this country, while talking about "taking back" the country from "Rush Limbaugh" and "George W. Bush" or how there are "two countries", one for "working families" and one for elitists like John F'ing (married two old-money women and dated a third) Kerry and John (Trial Lawyer) Edwards, I guess.

Since when is an honorably discharged National Guardsman, who was training to be a fighter pilot, who joined a fighter wing that had just deployed to Vietnam, and happens to be the sitting President of the United States of America not stating a fact about his record?

Definition of assertion apparently used by the AP:


n 1: a declaration that is made as if no supporting evidence were necessary

BTW why is no media outlet or Lib saying anything about John F'ing Kerry being a member of Skull and Bones, just like George W. Bush? (each word is a link) Kerry is only mentioned on the wacko web sites, not the old-media (which largely ignores the wee-bloggers and tin-foil-hat crowd on geocities web sites with pictures of lizard men coming out of the arctic hole in the earth).

I retort, You decide.