When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Awesome Super Bowl... Ads

What was that stuff in between the awesome commercials last night on CBS? Oh well.

Check out the commercials over here.

My favorites are the AOL ones featuring the Orange County Chopper guys. I started watching that show last year and was consistently laughing at the exploits of the family whose name escapes me right now (other than Paul Sr., Paulie Paul Jr. and Mickey).

The Budweiser farting horse one was pretty good for a hard laugh too, much to my wife's chagrin.

The Pepsi ones were okay I guess, the kids busted for stealing music now able to get them by drinking a Pepsi. Oh the irony. If they had just waited a few months they'd be a bunch of anonymous losers on the Internet. Notice Pepsi used all young kids in the ad. I am sure there were hardly anyone older than Gen-Xers caught in the illegal download stings. Young kids want things for free, despite having mom & dad pay for their computer, high speed internet and anything else they want. What happened to getting a job to get the things you want? And I seem to recall tons of teens getting Internet-based jobs to buy stuff. So why do they all insist on getting things for FREE (not merely for lower, more reasonable costs)?

I do agree that music CD prices are insane, but hell buy used CDs and stick it to the man that way. Or now get LEGAL downloads for only a FREAKING DOLLAR EACH! Instead of $17 for a CD full of songs I don't want I now spend a dollar or two for the songs I DO LIKE. What a CONCEPT!

Free music downloads are pretty consistently piss-poor quality encoding (so low it can't be burned to a CD), slow to download from some wag on a modem — if you can find any song other than what is currently on the radio right now. And the files can end up being a damaged copy (from the label or artist or RIAA) of the song being redistributed thanks to the virus-like nature or P2P networks and kids too stupid to listen to the new file they just downloaded all the way through to see if its fucked up or not. Yeah man Kazaa is the SHIT!