When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


4 More Bush

I figured that title would get your attention, suckers! Everyone make fun of the people who came here from this post's title!

Okay enough pointing.

I know I said I would migrate off blogger/blogspot BACK to an MT blog (if that didn't make sense you are WAY behind the tech-curve, geeze) and I WILL! As soon as I get this stupid chest-cold out of me. Ugh. I feel terrible. Really. And setting up MT on a virgin server isn't much fun when I have trouble seein my screen clearly. I really don't want to see those messages about yet another dependency is missing because PERL can't find libpoonjab.a or some shit. I hate UNIX. Why can't it just WORK?!

I will get to it when I freakin' GET TO IT. GET OFF MY BACK!

That is all. Go back to your porn now.