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Yay for new things!

Apple dropped some swag on the faithful today at the Macworld (yes I know how its spelt now) keynote.

We got mini iPods - sweet! I want one! Looks like the LCD is now blue-ish tinged, expect a lot of whining from disgruntled Mac users with a boring B&W LCD on their now oversized iPod's screen.

We got new Xserve G5s which are great if you need one, I guess. Holly Air Vents, Batman! You lost one drive bay to gain two air ducts, gonna be bitching about that too. And the hardware finally has ECC memory, another thing for the Mac-elite to whine about. Unless your computer is constantly bombarded by Cosmic Rays I doubt you need ECC memory.

Also got some new audio app, called GarageBand of all things, that I don't have a need for just like the last audio app that Apple released, which IMHO appear to conflict with the low-end of their own audio-focused subsidiary Emagic. Oh well.

And like I said a totally unpredicted release is found in Xgrid. No one is surprised about Xgrid's existence since we have been expecting it for years now, but it was slipped in under the Keynote radar for some reason — especially with new G5 Xserve iron announced. Whatever, I am not CEO of a multibillion, multinational computer company so what the fuck do I know about product rollouts and marketing.