When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



Okay so maybe you wonder why I don't put up political posts/rants/missives and yet link to tons of poli-blogs and right-leaning web sites railing against the stupidity of the Howard Dean crowd.

Or not.

If you did, though, I would say that I am so sick of politics at this point I just want to get an absentee ballot right now and mark off my choice. Trust me it does not matter which of the 9 dwarves (or is it 7? only 7 showed up in that Iowa debate that no one watched) are on the ballot in my particular case.

I will definitely vote, I just don't care who else is running. Let the socialist party, the Greens, Libertarians and even the Dimocrats put the names of muppets and obscure victorian-era opera stars on the ballot for all I care. I just want it to be over with!

And did anyone else here Rush Limbaugh totally go off on a caller today? Not the one where he yelled, one of the last one's he took today, it was a woman whose name escapes me. God lord that was so righteous to hear! Of course that is also where he gets this false-rep of being a "mean" Republican talk radio show host. Blah. I loved it. I wished I could do that to the world's Liberals too.

I first thought Glenn Beck was going to be way better than Rush today, but damn Rush totally pounded that poor leftie woman hard. Heh heh heh.