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Where are The Simpson's?

So many people responded to The Simpson's location that I am doing a followup. That and I have nothing else to blog about today.

Eric said "doesn't every state have a Springfield" which shows he didn't follow the link. Actually not every state has a Springfield, it turns out only 19 states have a town named Springfield. My first thought was Springfield Missouri, but that location does not include a large body of water which the state of Illinois does (that would be Lake Michigan people). I have been on the shore of Lake Superior and watched Finnish cargo ships enter the harbor. Thus international access is possible in the Great Lakes further implicating Illinois.

Then there are the Mississippi river references. Cold weather with severe snow. Proximity to farming and eventually deserts. The distance to Texas (2,000 miles) is an attempt to either throw us all off or showcases how stupid the writers are when it comes to geography (maybe they are British?).

Based on all the "clues" in the show over the years I put my money on Illinois as the general state enclosing Springfield as known to The Simpson's crowd.

But quite frankly as an imaginary town it can be anywhere it's authors want it to be. So all this is really a moot point.