When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Time off

Not many people surfing in right now, after I get back Internet access and make new posts for some reason. So I am going to take time off. I also have this constant heart-burn which may be due to it being an election year and all anyone can talk about is BUSH BUSH BUSH and then those Dimocrat idiots who want to help the average guy by taking more money from my paycheck and keep me from ever being able to afford to buy a home while telling me I am an evil person for having two 27" TVs with Digital Cable, a cable modem and an SUV (that I paid for without any government assistance btw). Assholes.

Seriously, every single comedian is making fun of Bush all of a sudden. Geeze, get some new ideas already or shut the fuck up. Why not make fun of Kobe Bryant for being a scumbag who at best cheated on his wife or at worst totally attacked some black-envying slutty little white girl (past behavior not excusing being raped, mind you, but it did appear to contribute to her being vulnerable to being raped by Kobe, if he in fact did rape her, because she'd never be in that situation otherwise).

If Bush really was head of a fascist regime Jeanine Garafalo would be in jail along with Tim Robbins, the Dizzie Chicks, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Peter Jennings, Michael Moore and anyone else who said Bush was a) stupid b) a warmonger or c) a Nazi. We'd also kick the UN out of our country or at least extort money from THEM for a change to let them play in Europe/Asia minor with their little tanks and airplanes in NATO that were built and are operated with technology WE invented (some of it while defending said geopolitical regions from true fascists from Germany, TWICE). Assholes.

Fuck it. I'd just like to see the above mentioned people locked up for a week or so in some third-world prison so that they'd appreciate America a little better. After all they always get let out of jail within hours of being arrested in America no matter what they do, right? Do *any* celebrities actually stay in jail other than that Berreta guy (who seems to be a genuine criminal)? Michael Jackson anyone? We are such a fascist country.

I hate election year. Wait, wasn't Bush supposed to declare himself King for life like 4 years ago? Whatever happened to that? It would have been so much simpler if he had.