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Late Nite with Challenging Reality

Does anyone else find it odd that people using the absolute latest version of Mac OS X, version 10.3 aka "Panther", are always whining about how they can't afford to buy any software either commercial, games or measly shareware ($5 is too much)?

So you had the $ to get OS X 10.3 which was at least $100 (bless you, Amazon.com) or $899 for a new Mac with 10.3 or it. I can tell you are using it based on which web browser you are using to visit my site, and overwhelming you Mac people are using Panther at this point. So what is the excuse for not paying your shareware fees? No money? Who paid for Panther? Why did you feel the need to get Panther the day of it's release for possibly $130, which will be replaced with some other cat's name for Mac OS X 10.4 next year, and yet can't pry $5, $10, $20-30 out of your wallet for a piece of software you use every day?

I just don't get it.

I found at least two, maybe three, situations where I could simply have walked away from a business without paying for goods or services today (breakfast at IHOP, gas and WAL*MART). And yet I walked over and plopped down my cash and waited for change. I didn't feel I was owed a breakfast or gas for my eeeevil SUV because I had already paid for food last week or previously paid for the gas already in my truck.

If this keeps up all there will be is really expensive software that everyone wants and needs, but is permanently tied to a particular piece of hardware (copy protection, activation keys/tracking) or tons of free software that is utter crap. Because I can't justify an internet presence (web server, domain name, internet access, upgrading a computer to be current) for free at this point. If it comes down to paying for my phone/cable/water or web server, my web server will get turned off and all you freeloaders will have to look somewhere else for solutions to the problems I have already covered (and I will bet they won't find all-free software to do everything either).

How much are you willing to give up to have a free lunch? We shall find out once commercial and shareware software has been taken away and you either use what's already on your new computer or hunt down crappy free/open source software with terrible interfaces or no support from it's author(s) (try asking a geek how to compile the Linux kernel for the first time, see how long it takes them to DoS you off the Internet for asking a "newbie" question).

I am really dis-gusted with the state of shareware software. I am about ready to give up for good.