When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


I wonder...

There is a game called "Black Hawk Down" which appears to be based on the U.S. military action/humanitarian aid mission in Somalia in 1993.

IMHO its kinda odd to make up a game about one of the nastier military engagements in recent history. That's just bad taste. Will the game show "skinnies" dragging the bodies of killed soldiers through the streets?

I wonder if they call the hostile persons in the game "skinnies" or just make them all ambiguous white people to keep the game inoffensive. Actually I have not seen screenshots showing the "enemy," just US military personnel. I also wonder if you try to request backup does the game refuse to send it, just like the Clinton Administration refused to provide backup to the soldiers risking their lives to capture a warlord, who was deliberately starving his own people, being helped by none other than Usam Bin Laden/Al Queda.