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OmniWeb? Anyone still using that piece of crap? I haven't see any OmniWeb hits for months and months.

Looking at the preview for version 5 I see a few things:

1. Wasted space with one of those damn drawers for tabbed browsing and thumbnail previews. If you can't tell what a web site is by its title in a tab you have problems. Drawers are incredibly inefficient in most any app and especially in a web browser. My browser window is full-screen, where is a drawer supposed to go?

2. OmniWeb copied Apple's Safari's bookmarks manager almost verbatim. Bravo, you are such geniuses.

3. OmniWeb copies and expands an Apple idea in Safari called "Snapback" that brings you back to an originating web page as you link-out from some particular starting point. Okay this is somewhat interesting, but again is derivative of Safari.

Update: Actually Safari has user-specified Snapback markers for any page. I just noticed. So the similar feature in OmniWeb is totally a rip on Safari.

4. Web rendering is again handled by WebCore as in Safari so finally the displayed content will be as fast and standards compliant as most other browsers (a feature since OmniWeb 4.5 actually). Something that OmniWeb has never had despite repeated claims of its superiority by endless Mac pundits touting its NeXT lineage (if it was so great why is it taking version 5 to finally be useful?).

Some other rumored options including site-specific options such as grabbing XML/RSS feeds from so-supported sites is interesting. What I really want to know about is plugin support, a shortcoming of Safari for a while. Also what about the Download manager? Safari's is hideously simplistic with no ability to re-download anything or get any info about a downloaded item like where it came from. And what about printing options? Safari totally sucks at printing web pages while IE seems to have it pretty well designed (ability to crop, shrink and remove background elements/images is really helpful).

Lastly the OmniWeb browser is $30, which is kinda silly considering most of the hard work is done for them with Apple's WebCore which by virtue of its inclusion OmniWeb gets free feature/compliance/bug fix updates from Apple. Whatever, I won't be using it so these issues won't affect me one bit.