When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


African Amercian?

So, would anyone in the media or on the Left ever call South African-born Charlize Theron an African-American? What about also South African-born Dave Matthews? They are both from Africa, and if they were American citizens now, why would they not be called African-American?

And what about Egyptians? They are from the continent of Africa, there is no country called "Africa" after all. Maybe I should call myself North American?

I'm just asking...

This was inspired by a conversation with my wife last night while watching The 100 Hottest Hotties on HV1 last night. Incidentally are only people on TV or otherwise famous (Playmates) qualified to say who is hot or not? I guess people who are featured on TV shows, in movies and take their clothes of for a magazine are smarter than ordinary people who work at WAL*MART or in shipping and receiving?