When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


I will take Signs from the Divine for $500, Alex

Okay first there was the huge earthquake in Iran, which some think (really) that G.W. Bush caused, that killed thousands. Now there has been a meteor strike in Iran destroying some buildings.

If anyone was sitting on the fence to the whole God thing I think Iran is on somebody's short shit list, and it's not G.W. Bush's (okay maybe he has one too, but somehow I doubt we can direct meteors to hit a particular portion of this planet).

Who's Your Daddy?

We are now 1 for 2 with one of NASA's probes successfully drifting through the tail of a comet to collect samples and snap some picts.

And soon a new rover will touchdown on Mars. What are the odds that our Mars probe will actually work versus the Euro-weenies failed Mars probes?

Yay for probes to Mars! Wanna bet a new round of Mars-movies will be unleashed from Hollywood?

More Shirts

Here's some more shirts for you to purchase and enrich myself:

BE CAREFUL: God Doesn't Like You

Okay that one is pretty extreme, but hey I am extreme.

4 More Bush

This one has two different meanings, think about it.

And for the really crass people:

Just go see this one, okay?

This one is kinda silly, or for anyone from the 80's:

DANGER: Break Dancing Zone

That should keep you busy for a while.


Blah Blah Blah

OmniWeb? Anyone still using that piece of crap? I haven't see any OmniWeb hits for months and months.

Looking at the preview for version 5 I see a few things:

1. Wasted space with one of those damn drawers for tabbed browsing and thumbnail previews. If you can't tell what a web site is by its title in a tab you have problems. Drawers are incredibly inefficient in most any app and especially in a web browser. My browser window is full-screen, where is a drawer supposed to go?

2. OmniWeb copied Apple's Safari's bookmarks manager almost verbatim. Bravo, you are such geniuses.

3. OmniWeb copies and expands an Apple idea in Safari called "Snapback" that brings you back to an originating web page as you link-out from some particular starting point. Okay this is somewhat interesting, but again is derivative of Safari.

Update: Actually Safari has user-specified Snapback markers for any page. I just noticed. So the similar feature in OmniWeb is totally a rip on Safari.

4. Web rendering is again handled by WebCore as in Safari so finally the displayed content will be as fast and standards compliant as most other browsers (a feature since OmniWeb 4.5 actually). Something that OmniWeb has never had despite repeated claims of its superiority by endless Mac pundits touting its NeXT lineage (if it was so great why is it taking version 5 to finally be useful?).

Some other rumored options including site-specific options such as grabbing XML/RSS feeds from so-supported sites is interesting. What I really want to know about is plugin support, a shortcoming of Safari for a while. Also what about the Download manager? Safari's is hideously simplistic with no ability to re-download anything or get any info about a downloaded item like where it came from. And what about printing options? Safari totally sucks at printing web pages while IE seems to have it pretty well designed (ability to crop, shrink and remove background elements/images is really helpful).

Lastly the OmniWeb browser is $30, which is kinda silly considering most of the hard work is done for them with Apple's WebCore which by virtue of its inclusion OmniWeb gets free feature/compliance/bug fix updates from Apple. Whatever, I won't be using it so these issues won't affect me one bit.


If you don't care for those Queer shows, here is the T-Shirt for you:

THINK: Straight Pride

I'm such a bastard, I know.

This one is more mainstream-ish:

DANGER: Moving to the Right

I should get this one for my wife:

NOTICE: I'm Not Listening To You


Got to my blog again, and I find no comments. I know people are coming here, what's up?

Fine, be that way then.

This sucks

I can't reach my blog, DNS is screwed up.

Happy Freakin' New Year!


Queer Eye My Ass

I have a suspicion that at least one of the "men" on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is, in fact, straight and not gay (okay is now okay for straights to use queer or wtf?).

I mean really, would you pretend to be something you are not to get a chance at a role on a potentially wildly popular TV show. An opportunity that could be used as a launching pad for your TV career?

How hard is it to tell some slob to clean up his apartment and get some new clothes that are something other than jeans and concert T-shirts?

Merry New Year!

My New Year's resolutions are:

1. Finally get certified in a field I am already qualified in, but can't get a job in because I am not certified. I really will this year, I have two 27" TVs and an iPod. I don't need the tax refund for anything else this year, I swear. Except for my 1/6th scale RC tank that WAL*MART didn't have when I got back, bastards.

2. Not spend so much money on silly things, like 27" TVs and RC tanks, even though I already did — I will endeavor to not do that this year. I promise.

3. Try to not kill any evil terrorists (foreign or domestic), although if I get into an elevator with a terrorist it's either me or him and I want to get my certification this year so he better watch hisself!

4. Be a better parent, husband, person than last year blah blah blah. Whatever. My kids are still young enough not to realize what a loser I have been up to this point, yet.

5. I have totally lost interest in this, wonder what's on TV...



The media is beating a new drum, the drum of domestic terrorism. Having caught Saddam in a hole the media lost 50% of its anti-war leverage against George W. Bush and his War on Terror, which is really the American war on terror despite what the media may desire. Nothing succeeds like success.

So now the media must turn towards another lingering issue that has nothing to do with George W. Bush to make their point that this administration is not doing its job.

Domestic Terrorism is being overlooked, ignored even. Why there were 40 some domestic terrorist attacks last year in this country (according to some guy on FOXNews yesterday), even though none of them had near the impact of 2 planes slamming into the tallest buildings in the USA. I guess a bunch of misguided environmental-wacko Dean-supporting twentysomethings torching a Hummer dealership is morally equivalent to Sept. 11, 2001.

And yet at the same time we hear endless cries of abuse over the use of the Patriot Act against US citizens, some of whom may turn out to be domestic terrorists in the classical sense.

Don't you love it when the media has this split personality day in and day out? Bush is ignoring domestic terrorism (how many abortion clinics or federal buildings have been blown up the past year?) while abusing the anti-terrorism Patriot Act against US citizens by holding Jose Pedilla, a US citizen who had ideals to help Al Queda potentially detonate a dirty bomb, without a trial or access to a lawyer.

Which way do you want it, guys? Actually, which way does the American public want to deal with these issues? The media is not supposed to make public policy, merely to report on it.


Okay so in Tennessee there is some decent talk radio with Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, granted these are all syndicated national shows, and local guy Phil Valentine who is quite good. But in Alabama and Mississippi it was pretty thin with local and syndicated shows except for the previously mentioned Savage Nation and Neal Boortz which came in Mississippi I believe late at night.

I guess I am just a little spoiled coming from the Phoenix market.


Know wha I hate?

I hate people who take vacations from web sites that consist largely of reposting other people's content. Content that literally falls into their laps and they copy/paste into a text editor or web-based publishing system.

WTF? How lazy are you that you need a break from this?

I never understood people who disconnect from the industry that is their primary source of income and is a hobby and provides entertainment. When I was briefly talking to a like-minded individual we both agreed being unplugged is anathema to our continued existence. Driving cross country (1,900 miles) in two days was rough not only physically but psychologically. I had no idea what was going on!

Even with near total radio coverage as I drove (except a slight dead spot in west Texas) I had access to realtime information. And yet I had no idea that French airliners were grounded due to terrorist plots that may or may not have been unfolding. With access to the Internet I can instantly get information, analysis and commentary on just about any topic in realtime. Okay so maybe modern radio is just plain awful. The South has not truly embraced Talk Radio yet, it would appear. I did get to hear Savage Nation (with a fill-in host that cut people off even faster than Rush Limbaugh) and Neil Boortz so it wasn't a total loss.

Basically if you aren't out of the country or actually visiting family somewhere why not just scale back your reposting of other's content? Or get a holiday temp staff? I am home all day with hardly anything new to read people! I might as well be at work all day since there's nothing to do!

Can You Hear Me Now?

Okay this is getting old, but really it's quite funny.

The speculation as to what happened to the Euro Mars probe is grasping at straws. Now the theory is that it landed in a crater that is blocking transmission, preceded by a faulty clock and the antenna pointing in the wrong direction. I have not heard how the US is to blame for any of these theories, I am sure however that the Euros are working on ways to do just that.

They will find some component or software made in the USA and point to it and its obvious failure and all of Europe will be united in boycotting the company who produced the components.

I keep telling my wife that the outrageous claims I make like the above often come true, you just watch this one.