When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Out of town

I am out of town until Monday. I am going cross-country to visit my children, that I haven't seen in nearly 6 months, specifically my 7 year old (as of Saturday). My 4 year old is extremely happy to see me, which is odd for her since she usually doesn't want to talk to me on the phone.

All the gifts have made it there safely and hopefully terrorist won't take this opportunity to launch a shoulder-fired missile at a Southwest airlines jet leaving PHX for BNA.



J is for JACKASS

I am so sick of people placing references to the development environment they used when creating their software in the names of their products.

CocoaPoker, who fucking cares that a worthless card game simulation was made in Cocoa? NO ONE except Cocoa-using dweebs who are new to programming and couldn't build their own About box anyway so thank god Apple included one in the framework for 'em.

How about Java apps with "J" in their name like say BlueJ. What the fuck is BlueJ? I can' t tell from its name, how cute and clever they were at naming it. I go to the What section of the web site and found out that BlueJ "is an integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching."

Great. That's almost helpful. In case you missed it, right under that statement we find: "BlueJ was developed at a University specifically for the purpose of teaching object orientation with Java." Ah we are getting a bit more detail now including: "BlueJ is free!" Great. I was a little worried I would have to purchase annual maintenance for $2,000 per seat or some shit for a Java app that teaches "object orientation with Java." Whatever that is.

Even further down the What page we find out that BlueJ "...was developed as part of a university research project about teaching object-orientation to beginners." Finally we get a one-line description of what the hell this thing does. Although I am a bit concerned that the professors, I mean the student aides, are not actually teaching the basics of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) to the heads full of mush whose parents are spending many thousands of dollars for their kids to be taught skills they can apply to obtaining gainful employment and get the fuck out of their house.

Fortunately the next paragraph clarifies this conundrum (yeah that's a sweet word, eh?): "The aim of BlueJ is to provide an easy-to-use teaching environment for the Java language that facilitates the teaching of Java to first year students." Again the app does the teaching while the professors go to anti-globalization rallies, I guess.

Boy college sounds awfully hard, you basically have to teach yourself. No wonder many people drop out their first year like Martin Sheen or just never go like Beauty Twins Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. And despite the lack of college educations they believe they alone can stop the violence in the world, which is all our fault despite it all happening in foreign countries that even tourists stay away from -- like France.

Who wrote this shit?

Read this AP story and tell me if you find anything wrong with it.

Did a teenager, bored with school and learning how to communicate in English, write it? Or is the AP hiring mentally handicapped persons to writer their news copy now?

Good lord.

Dodged a Constitutional Bullet

Apparently a significant part of the Campaign Finance Reform law was not ruled on the the SCOTUS. The challenge to the new restriction on political ads that specifically mention a candidate 30 or 60 days before an election was thrown out because the petitioner's had no standing on that particular element of the law.

I think this finally proves that the SCOTUS is out of control. The text, actually in the constitution unlike a "right" to abortion, that says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." is open for interpretation.

If the Press had been told they can't cover elections 30 or 60 days prior this would never have been allowed to remain in the law.


Goin' Down to South Park

This is me if I lived in South Park. Aren't I charming?

Have to host it somewhere else. Damn web servers.

Battlestar Galactica Part Two Notes

So that was that. The show that lasted one season and tried to fill in the gaps between Star Trek and Star Wars was remade and now Cylons look like people, major characters became extremely horny females and Galactica has become a Transformer.

I won't spoil the very end in case you didn't see the show yet, but it is suffice to say: WTF? What was that all about? Okay so we saw 4 of the 12 models of new Cylons and still I feel it was all a tool to embellish the storyline in new, bizarre, ways.

I don't feel all that great about this new interpretation of the original series. It's just not worth the effort to tear it apart some more. If you liked it, fine. It didn't really affect me all that much.



You know I get so sick of lefties automatically believing anything negative the media has to say, unless its about a Democrat and even then the media spins it away to make it more palatable. Clinton lies under oath, but its just about sex. Bush includes 16 words that have only one source and the world media erupts with cries of BUSH LIED PEOPLE DIED!

Here's two stories, see which one sounds more like reality and which one sounds like a carefully crafted hit piece. Exhibit A, Exhibit B.

I guess we should find and apologize to Saddam Hussein, give his millions of US dollars back and round up all the children of enemies of the state and put em back in kiddie-prison. After all the world is so much more peaceful when Republicans are not in charge of things (see post "It's all my fault" below for how safe we were during Clinton's reign).


I talked to a (female) friend of mine today for like two hours. She just had a hysterectomy a week before Thanksgiving and she is having some lingering problems. I think that she is actually holding onto some kind of emotional baggage from just recently to all the way back ten years or more and this is causing her to feel miserable and not recover from the surgery like she should.

Frankly I have no idea how to help her. She is definitely seeking some kind of help from me (said as much to me today for the first time). I went through some really heavy shit a bit over a year ago and am getting divorced and am living 1,400 miles from my kids during Christmas and one of their birthdays. I know how shitty life can be, believe me.

It hurts me that she is having a really bad time with her health and the guilt-trips she is laying on herself. I'm not talking about normal level regret for past actions, this is worrying about everything she has ever done or didn't do and is now trying to juggle her own health problems, family and the demands of others. I think there may be something else under the surface that she is not ready to tell me yet. I got some hints to it today and I am genuinely concerned now that she is hiding some big issue beyond her health problems.

Obviously someone who needs help has to recognize their need. Then they must seek out help from someone who is willing to offer it. I have been there before and I had to swallow my pride and ask for help to literally not die before. And after I got out of the hospital I had to depend on others to continue to recover, totally subjugating my independence and modesty to total strangers.

My friend has two young kids and a nice home and a decent husband, she doesn't deserve this crap in her life right now. Especially now. There is something more going on with her and I haven't found out what is yet, but I will help her if she wants me to. If you do the prayer thing I am sure she could use it, she is a religious person as well and would appreciate the positive thoughts.

Battlestar Galactica Part One Notes

Yeah I watched the SciFi Battlestar Galactica remake last night and it was better than I thought in some ways and totally met my expectations in others.

First of all I was pleased to see references to the original series including the original Cylon designs within the first few minutes and later on in a musem display in the landing bay of the Galactica.

I also appreciated the terminology used in the show that went along with the original series except for the "minutes" and "seconds" instead of centons and such. Oh well. I guess it was a semantic change so people knew how long time time references were, or something. And yet they use proper names from the series including "Starbuck" and religious references to "Cobol."

Numerous touches from the original show's production design were included such as the use of hexagons instead of square/rectangle shapes for paper, computer screens and even dog tags. The infamous "poker" game (I forget the show name) used the octagon-shaped cards.

Okay enough short-stroking. According to my notes the first sex scene occurred 24 minutes in and included one of the new "human" looking Cylons and Baltar (now cybernics genius and singularly responsible for destroying humanity). There was another sex scene 30 minute in, just 6 minutes later, between the "Boomer" character which is now a an Asian female (and kinda hot, I must admit) and the Viper hanger crew chief (I didn't note his name).

The first expletive occurred 34 minutes in with the now-female "Starbuck" character saying "asshole."

Incidentally the character names are now callsigns; Apollo is the call sign for Lee Adama, Commander Adama's son. I forget what "Starbuck's" given name is, but the character is deliberately made to be more masculine for the purposes of the story line. This allows the writer (Ronald D. Moore, former producer and writer for Star Trek TNG) to have a strong fighter pilot character who smokes cigars and gambles and hits a superior officer while also getting it on with another fighter pilot character to add gratuitous sex elements.

There was scene towards the end that was obviously an homage to the transition of power from the assasinated John F. Kennedy to Lindon Johnson onboard Air Force One. Ah, gotta love almost-baby boomers and their need to repeatedly use historical references from their childhood in their TV shows.

Overall I don't think this script was as bad as it was made out to be. Adama isn't the spineless wuss/Liberal it was indicated long ago. There are some strange choices to fit the story line though such as placing the Galactica 5 hours away from the home planet to keep it safe and allow for it to survive and begin its journey in search of the lost 13th colony (which I assume is in this miniseries). And of course Galactica and it's Viper fighters was made to be immune to Cylon "hacking" and naturally isn't affected by the Cylon electronic attack techniques and can fight back effectively.

The show is not as bad as I thought it was in general, but my fears of the character changes for the sake of adding a sexual element not found in the original series were very much on target. The XO is now a white male as opposed to a black male in the original series which is an odd change, which they probably did not even realize they were doing while changing another black male character into an Asian female for the sake of diversity. Morons.

I am going watch part two tonight and see how it shakes out.

Yes I took some notes. I stopped after the first half hour or so because the story wasn't all that unusual anymore and the notes I took made my points just fine. This is not like a movie reviewer who watches the first 30 minutes and then leaves the theater and writes their review based on the first 30 minutes only (yes I have really seen this before).

Yay for 10,000

I told you so. Neener neener neener.

Now we just we need to close at 10,000.



I said I wouldn't watch the re-imagined "Battlestar Galactica" movie tonight, but damnit I am going to. Despite making TWO original significant characters into females for no reason other than to make them female I am going to watch this bitch.

People surrounding the show have said something like "We have female fighter pilots now, why not in the future/space show?" Well fucking DUH they DID have female pilots on the original show. You know if anyone actually WATCHED more than 2 episodes of the first and only season you'd see female pilots from two Battlestars — Galactica and the Pegasus.

Fucking eh I hate liberals! They changed the characters and kept the same traits and added previously non-existent sexual tension to "enhance" the story. Bullshit. They did it to make a point that they were in control of the story and wanted to show some frivolous sexual content like all good Liberals. Can't have good qualities like honor, duty, dedication without Horny Hormone swapping spit with Hotty Heroine. For fuck's sake.

Oh yeah they changed Cylons to make them human which is just a cop out to keep the effects scenes down and again, big surprise, to introduce more sexual content where it did not exist before. Somehow I don't think soldiers fighting in Europe during Operation Market Garden (the period shown in the awesome HBO series "Band of Brothers" and a WWII video game I have had for years) were wanting to fuck Hitler's secretary for pete's sake. Geeze.

I will watch so that you need not. And besides I have nothing else to do tonight. I really hope I am not getting tonsillitis again, I really don't have money for another doctor's visit at this time.

Aw Shit!

I totally missed some good picks in the Dead Pool 2K4. Damnit!

I missed Ozzy, but it looks like he cratered while riding an ATV. Does it count for 2K4 if they die from massive injuries sustained this year I wonder?

I also missed Arafat. Of course he's lived so damn long he will prolly live out 2k4 unscathed. Even if Israel destroys the tiny bit of building still standing in that compound Arafat will emerge unscathed. Asshole.

Did David Brinkley finally die? Oh yep he did. Oh well. Maybe David Letterperson will shock us all, like he did with his "son." That kinda reminded me of Michael Jackson's first child - totally out of the blue who-woulda-thought that kinda shit. That's just the kind of person I am.


Glad I didn't pick Ozzy for my DeadPool. I bet a lot of people out there are crossing their fingers right now, for the wrong reasons. I did pick a certain singer, but its all a crapshoot unless they choose to always ride around in small aircraft next year. Also known as the Lynrd Skynrd-factor.

Bankcard Shakeup

No one seems to be talking about the shakeup in the Visa/Mastercard bankcard world.

Why the fuck not? Don't you people use credit/debit/bank cards anywhere?

I have a MasterCard-branded debit card from PayPal and I use it a lot, its linked to my iTunes account. I also have a Visa card from CapitalOne.

The big deal that came out of a long-running lawsuit-turned-settlement over bankcards and retailers is that retailers can elect to NOT accept certain bankcards because of their excessive processing fees on every transaction. Also at issue is the requirement of debit cards to have PIN-enabled POS (Point of Sale, not Piece of Shit dummies) terminals at every retail outlet.

Basically it comes down to WAL*MART bitching about processing fees (which to be fair were rather excessive for MasterCard) and having to purchase new universal POS terminals for *each* register in every store. This can add up when you are the largest retail store in the world. I will concede that point. However, refusing to accept say MasterCard and only Visa is going to end up hurting the consumer - you know the ones making WAL*MART the largest retail store in the world.

If I can't use my PayPal card at WAL*MART or a gas station what the hell am I supposed to do? You just lost my potential sale guys. I may not want to use my Visa card because it has a shitty interest rate or I need it for emergencies (in case I break down and need a tow).

The best scenario for the consumer is to accept EVERYTHING so that EVERYONE can walk in and buy your products and pay with whatever method they have selected at that moment.

Visa is making headway with its check card, essentially a paperless check system, especially in the face of potential refusal to accept certain bank/credit cards. Unfortunately I don't have one of those so its either cash or debit/credit card for me. This ridiculous settlement is going to cause confusion and resentment by consumers. Especially those who really need to get gas only to find out they have to pick and choose which card they can use instead of just jamming one into the pump because it is snowing like crazy and their kids are about to get out of school.

Total bullshit I say. What say you?


I think the DJIA will hit 10,000 tomorrow. Then sink below that number until the new year where it will buoy up to 10,100-10,200 in January.

Any bets?

It's all my fault.

It's all my fault.

You see, back in 1992 I didn't vote for George Bush Sr. I naively thought he had the reelection locked up so even though I was almost 19 by November 1992 I was not registered to vote and naturally could not have voted for the President. I wanted to, but I missed the registration deadline (hey I was 18) but I wasn't worried. Bill Clinton? Governor of Arkansas -- the worst state in the Union on every metric? Bah!

I actually went to a political rally (and gave money) for H. Ross Perot and went to the local Democrat party headquarters with my Liberal friend and went to the local Republican party headquarters that year. I wasn't some loser teenager unaware of the Presidential election that year like kids of today giving Howard Dean money and yet can't explain which office he's running for without getting a confused look on their faces.

Even though Clinton did not have a more than 50% of the popular vote he was elected.

The next year, 1993, Al Queda made its first attempt to destroy the World Trade Center. The new Administration's response? Round up those responsible, and file a lawsuit. That'll show em!

Then in 1995 a wacked out former Army soldier and his wacked out buddies blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City. A friend of mine, who was also in the Army, and his girlfriend were living in the area at the time. They were both okay, but obviously in shock. The act was almost immediately surrounded in conspiracy theories including rumors that Tim McVeigh had a phone number for somewhere in Iraq on his person when arrested (picked up by driving down the highway with no license plate - wtf?) and the never-found third conspirator who was present when the truck allegedly used to blow up the building was rented.

The response by the Clinton Administration? Blame Talk Radio e.g. Rush Limbaugh and the largely conservative talk radio hosts for inciting the worst domestic terrorist attack in our history as a country.

In 1998 American embassies in two African countries were destroyed in a similar fashion as Oklahoma City (hmm) by Al Queda. The Sudan offered up Osama Bin Laden on more than one occasion. The response by the Clinton Administration? Attack an empty training camp in Afghanistan and destroy aspirin factory in the Sudan using only cruise missiles.

To make sure the US was understood as being hard on terrorists Iraq was also given its own volley of cruise missiles. And also to distract the US from the testimony of an overweight intern who was discovered to be giving sexual gratification to the most powerful man in the world.

In 2000 a US warship had a massive hole blown in it's side while in a port in Yemen. By all accounts this was also an Al Queda attack. Our response? Actually I don't remember any response. I guess Bill was a little busy getting head from overweight interns (like Monica was the only one).

In 2001, a few scant months after the President I did vote for took office, Al Queda succeeded in destroying the World Trade Center. Within months Afghanistan was liberated from the Taliban and Al Queda was effectively disrupted. Osama Bin Laden is either dead or in a hole so deep he won't ever see the light of day again. Earlier this year Iraq's 30 year brutal dictator was removed and another 20+ million people were freed.

So you see, it's all my fault. If I had just voted in 1992 like a good citizen maybe all of this wouldn't have happened.


Dead Pool 2K4

Oh yeah I'm so into the Dead Pool this year. I got a feeling someone on my list will kick off next year. Not saying who it is, don't want to jinx.

C'mon small-plane crashes!

Back On the Air

Back on the Air again. Can't keep me down, Universe. I ain't goin' anywhere yet.