When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


TV's Naughtiest BLEEP

That's not a very good title is it? What does the BLEEP stand for? SHIT? CRAP? FORESKIN? WHO KNOWS!

The reason bloopers are funny is 1. they weren't supposed to happen (duh) and 2. the particular words/phrases people are saying that they shouldn't be.

So what is the point of having a bunch of bloopers where some guy walks up behind some talking head news guy and yells BEEP? What did he say that was so off color? Well BLEEP that, then. Worthless BLEEPS. See how stupid that is?

And yet these shows have no compunction about rolling out clips people getting blown up, smacked in the groin by a small child with a large hammer or a so-called wildlife expert assclown getting mauled by a large animal.

It's not like you can't use fuck on regular TV anymore. Thanks Bono.

And I swear they have showed bare breasts at least twice on CSI (CBS). Even worse, on TechTV's Wired For Sex show (on around 7 PM here) they featured a dildo shop, in San Francisco naturally, with numerous oversized man-shaped objects sitting upright on a shelf in plain view — ironically they blur out entire bare asses or bare breasts (technically only the nipple must be obscured) on the same show.

Which is it TV people? Some cuss words or all cuss words? Some nudity (NYPD Blue showing guy's asses) or equal opportunity full-frontal nudity within reason, topless women only after 8 PM for example?