When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Saving Iraq

Okay so we got Saddam, shut down the torture/rape chambers and let the kids out of kiddie prison. That's all well and good. Now some twit wants to send Iraqi women some sensual aids. I concede that women in Iraq weren't treated very well, but Iraq was way more cosmopolitan than say Afghanistan, guys.

Why should we be promoting sexuality without balancing it with birth control and even abstinence? We saved them from Saddam and will now usher them into the 21st century with socially acceptable promiscuous sex, which leads to the spread of STDs and even AIDS. After that some twit will want to open a Planned Parenthood office and — you just watch — an abortion clinic to take care of all the unwanted pregnancies the newly sexually liberated Iraqi women must now contend with.

So we saved the Iraqi people so they be free to begin fucking like wild dogs and murdering their unborn babies guilt free. Talk about unintended consequences.