When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


It's all my fault.

It's all my fault.

You see, back in 1992 I didn't vote for George Bush Sr. I naively thought he had the reelection locked up so even though I was almost 19 by November 1992 I was not registered to vote and naturally could not have voted for the President. I wanted to, but I missed the registration deadline (hey I was 18) but I wasn't worried. Bill Clinton? Governor of Arkansas -- the worst state in the Union on every metric? Bah!

I actually went to a political rally (and gave money) for H. Ross Perot and went to the local Democrat party headquarters with my Liberal friend and went to the local Republican party headquarters that year. I wasn't some loser teenager unaware of the Presidential election that year like kids of today giving Howard Dean money and yet can't explain which office he's running for without getting a confused look on their faces.

Even though Clinton did not have a more than 50% of the popular vote he was elected.

The next year, 1993, Al Queda made its first attempt to destroy the World Trade Center. The new Administration's response? Round up those responsible, and file a lawsuit. That'll show em!

Then in 1995 a wacked out former Army soldier and his wacked out buddies blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City. A friend of mine, who was also in the Army, and his girlfriend were living in the area at the time. They were both okay, but obviously in shock. The act was almost immediately surrounded in conspiracy theories including rumors that Tim McVeigh had a phone number for somewhere in Iraq on his person when arrested (picked up by driving down the highway with no license plate - wtf?) and the never-found third conspirator who was present when the truck allegedly used to blow up the building was rented.

The response by the Clinton Administration? Blame Talk Radio e.g. Rush Limbaugh and the largely conservative talk radio hosts for inciting the worst domestic terrorist attack in our history as a country.

In 1998 American embassies in two African countries were destroyed in a similar fashion as Oklahoma City (hmm) by Al Queda. The Sudan offered up Osama Bin Laden on more than one occasion. The response by the Clinton Administration? Attack an empty training camp in Afghanistan and destroy aspirin factory in the Sudan using only cruise missiles.

To make sure the US was understood as being hard on terrorists Iraq was also given its own volley of cruise missiles. And also to distract the US from the testimony of an overweight intern who was discovered to be giving sexual gratification to the most powerful man in the world.

In 2000 a US warship had a massive hole blown in it's side while in a port in Yemen. By all accounts this was also an Al Queda attack. Our response? Actually I don't remember any response. I guess Bill was a little busy getting head from overweight interns (like Monica was the only one).

In 2001, a few scant months after the President I did vote for took office, Al Queda succeeded in destroying the World Trade Center. Within months Afghanistan was liberated from the Taliban and Al Queda was effectively disrupted. Osama Bin Laden is either dead or in a hole so deep he won't ever see the light of day again. Earlier this year Iraq's 30 year brutal dictator was removed and another 20+ million people were freed.

So you see, it's all my fault. If I had just voted in 1992 like a good citizen maybe all of this wouldn't have happened.