When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



While at WAL*MART during my Southern Comfort 2003 tour sponsored by Corona Extra and Southwest airlines I saw the most awesome toy ever. a GIANT remote control tank toy. By giant I mean HUGE, the box said 1:6 scale. It was even larger than the RC Hummer toy someone put on layaway. I so wanted to get one.

I forget which type of tank it was, but it was an older model — not an Abrams.

There is a large park next to the elementary school down the road that my daughter went to for a little while. I would love to "invade" the park one day, climbing up out of the basin holding soccer fields up to the playground. My own personal D-Day. Heheheheh.

I don't remember seeing those tanks in my local WAL*MART, I should recheck. If they have one it will be VERY hard to resist after I send in my next CC payment to NOT get one of em. Damn!