When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


I hate Cell Phones

I got a call while driving down the freeway and part-time parking lot, but the caller ID said "Unavailable." At least that's what it said when I finally got the notices that I missed two phone calls. I checked there was only one missed call today, from "Unavailable," and also one from my friend which isn't at all accurate because I answered the phone, three times (my phone or hers dropped the call twice).

I'm all for making new technologies and releasing them on the public. But please let's get them to actually work as well. If my phone has to be 15% larger to get it to reliably handle a call in a large metropolitan area and get caller ID to work properly and not claim I missed calls that went through fine, but were dropped (twice) that's okay.

And really why do I need a tip calculator and "games" on my cell phone? For tips just double the tax while games on such a tiny device are pointless and very short-lived. Plus I am usually at home with a $3k computer with way better video games (and an Internet full of full color/motion pr0n) or driving somewhere and can't play games on a tiny little screen.