When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



You know I get so sick of lefties automatically believing anything negative the media has to say, unless its about a Democrat and even then the media spins it away to make it more palatable. Clinton lies under oath, but its just about sex. Bush includes 16 words that have only one source and the world media erupts with cries of BUSH LIED PEOPLE DIED!

Here's two stories, see which one sounds more like reality and which one sounds like a carefully crafted hit piece. Exhibit A, Exhibit B.

I guess we should find and apologize to Saddam Hussein, give his millions of US dollars back and round up all the children of enemies of the state and put em back in kiddie-prison. After all the world is so much more peaceful when Republicans are not in charge of things (see post "It's all my fault" below for how safe we were during Clinton's reign).