When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Battlestar Galactica Part Two Notes

So that was that. The show that lasted one season and tried to fill in the gaps between Star Trek and Star Wars was remade and now Cylons look like people, major characters became extremely horny females and Galactica has become a Transformer.

I won't spoil the very end in case you didn't see the show yet, but it is suffice to say: WTF? What was that all about? Okay so we saw 4 of the 12 models of new Cylons and still I feel it was all a tool to embellish the storyline in new, bizarre, ways.

I don't feel all that great about this new interpretation of the original series. It's just not worth the effort to tear it apart some more. If you liked it, fine. It didn't really affect me all that much.