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Battlestar Galactica Part One Notes

Yeah I watched the SciFi Battlestar Galactica remake last night and it was better than I thought in some ways and totally met my expectations in others.

First of all I was pleased to see references to the original series including the original Cylon designs within the first few minutes and later on in a musem display in the landing bay of the Galactica.

I also appreciated the terminology used in the show that went along with the original series except for the "minutes" and "seconds" instead of centons and such. Oh well. I guess it was a semantic change so people knew how long time time references were, or something. And yet they use proper names from the series including "Starbuck" and religious references to "Cobol."

Numerous touches from the original show's production design were included such as the use of hexagons instead of square/rectangle shapes for paper, computer screens and even dog tags. The infamous "poker" game (I forget the show name) used the octagon-shaped cards.

Okay enough short-stroking. According to my notes the first sex scene occurred 24 minutes in and included one of the new "human" looking Cylons and Baltar (now cybernics genius and singularly responsible for destroying humanity). There was another sex scene 30 minute in, just 6 minutes later, between the "Boomer" character which is now a an Asian female (and kinda hot, I must admit) and the Viper hanger crew chief (I didn't note his name).

The first expletive occurred 34 minutes in with the now-female "Starbuck" character saying "asshole."

Incidentally the character names are now callsigns; Apollo is the call sign for Lee Adama, Commander Adama's son. I forget what "Starbuck's" given name is, but the character is deliberately made to be more masculine for the purposes of the story line. This allows the writer (Ronald D. Moore, former producer and writer for Star Trek TNG) to have a strong fighter pilot character who smokes cigars and gambles and hits a superior officer while also getting it on with another fighter pilot character to add gratuitous sex elements.

There was scene towards the end that was obviously an homage to the transition of power from the assasinated John F. Kennedy to Lindon Johnson onboard Air Force One. Ah, gotta love almost-baby boomers and their need to repeatedly use historical references from their childhood in their TV shows.

Overall I don't think this script was as bad as it was made out to be. Adama isn't the spineless wuss/Liberal it was indicated long ago. There are some strange choices to fit the story line though such as placing the Galactica 5 hours away from the home planet to keep it safe and allow for it to survive and begin its journey in search of the lost 13th colony (which I assume is in this miniseries). And of course Galactica and it's Viper fighters was made to be immune to Cylon "hacking" and naturally isn't affected by the Cylon electronic attack techniques and can fight back effectively.

The show is not as bad as I thought it was in general, but my fears of the character changes for the sake of adding a sexual element not found in the original series were very much on target. The XO is now a white male as opposed to a black male in the original series which is an odd change, which they probably did not even realize they were doing while changing another black male character into an Asian female for the sake of diversity. Morons.

I am going watch part two tonight and see how it shakes out.

Yes I took some notes. I stopped after the first half hour or so because the story wasn't all that unusual anymore and the notes I took made my points just fine. This is not like a movie reviewer who watches the first 30 minutes and then leaves the theater and writes their review based on the first 30 minutes only (yes I have really seen this before).