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Back Home

Yeah so I am back home today. It's really cold in here so if I mistype it's because I am shivering.

Both flights to and from were delayed by weather in other parts of the country. The flight out Friday had a female pilot, which I believe was my first. I am not certain, but I think the left turn signal was on for most of the 3-hour flight. And on approach we circled Nashville for one full loop, I guess she couldn't make up her mind where she wanted to land. I dunno. Maybe the air traffic controller told her where to go and she had to argue with him first and then make her own decision on where to land.

One thing I don't like about BNA (if you are in shipping or aerospace you know those letters) is that it takes forever to taxi to the gate. And I didn't see any other aircraft taxiing so I don't know why it took so long to get to the actual gate. Was it a coincidence we had a woman driver? Hmmm.

I also had fun on my return trying to find the shuttle to get to the long term aka "Economy" parking lot. I knew which shuttle to take, I just couldn't actually find the bus stop. Has no one designing airports ever heard of this thing called a "map" whereby you can see graphically where the fucking shuttle bus stop is in relation to everything else in the goddamn airport? Is that so hard to do? I have never used the long term parking so I didn't already know where the stop was, plus they tend to move things around every few years to keep you on your toes. The clever signs at the curb merely indicated what types of busses stopped in the general area, not where they stopped. I simply looked for a large group of people and walked towards it, finding the bus stop with the Economy lot sign, on the backside, partially covered. Thank you, assholes. And this was at 11:30 PM after a four-hour plus flight in between two large men using both armrests the entire flight.

Oh yes and thanks to a bunch of angry Arabs blowing up some planes in 2001 there are massive changes to the security setup at the airport. I had to take my shoes off and run everything except the clothes on my back through the X-Ray machine manned by the Total Screwup Administration (TSA). On the way home they actually backed out my stuff and asked if I had a laptop in my bag. Duh you got an X-RAY MACHINE ASSHOLES! YOU TELL ME! Finally back home I had to walk about 1/4 mile to get out of the terminal here in PHX including walking down two people movers at least 100 yards long. And I get charged an extra $12 for the privilege now, too. Assholes.

I hate flying.